The Daily Perception of Me.

Sensation vs. Perception: A great representation of this is, about a year ago I was in my home, more specifically I was in the kitchen. There were no seats available to eat to I looked to see if I could lean against the stove. I perceived that the stove wasn’t hot. But when I leaned against the stove, I instantly felt a burning sensation across my backside.
Top-Down Processing: This basically is me in a nutshell. I’m always looking at the big picture and just filling in the gaps, mostly just due to my lack of time and energy.
The Kaniza Triangle (right) is a good tool for understanding Top-down processing because the brain perceives that there is a triangle made out of the various black shapes.
Signal Detection Theory: This one I must say is also totally me. When I’m expecting someone I usually think I hear someone knocking at the door. I go to check, only to find out that nobody was actually knocking in the first place.
Parallel Processing: This is simple my brain is able to do multiple tasks at a time I don’t just see random splotches of color or colorless shapes. My brain is able to look at an item and know it’s color, shape, etc.process
Opponent Process Theory: For the motivation aspect I remember one time my friends pulled a prank on me by putting a tarantula on my face while I was sleeping. They didn’t know at the time that I had an extreme phobia of spiders. So when I woke up and saw that spider looking at me, I threw it off and ran for what felt like miles in panic. It felt like every emotion was just shoved to the very back of my mind and all I could focus on was panicking and running away.
For the visual aspect I know that whenever I gaze off at something and then immediately look at a white object I see a color that was neither white nor the color of the object I was looking at. The same can be said for the image below
Pictures used:
Kanzina Triangle, visual aid for Top-Down Processing
Parallel Processing Diagram
Opponent Process Theory Image
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